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About me

I make my living writing software, mostly applications for the pension industry. For some years I edited my Vector, my professional association’s journal; these days I’m its webmaster. I have a life-long interest in typography and typesetting, and rebuilt the journal’s production system for publishing online and in print. My main working tools are AJAX, APL, JavaScript, PHP, XML, XSLT, XSL-FO.

I live in North London, where I support my street association and am a trustee of the local conservation society. In 2009 I was the venue manager for the Convention on Modern Liberty. I write occasionally for OurKingdom. In the 1970s I converted to Rinzai Zen Buddhism and trained for some years. In the 1980s I trained as a psychotherapist; I do not practise.

I get around on a bicycle and volunteer at a monthly bike maintenance workshop. In 2012 some friends and I founded Londoners on Bikes, a pop-up campaign to make road safety an issue in the London mayoral election. When the moon is full and the weather fine I might be found riding to the seaside for breakfast.

In the 1970s I was a performing member of Ignition Poets. Recently I printed a collection of my own verse.

Other lives

So often one’s true life is the life one does not lead. Oscar Wilde

You can live two lives, but not three. Nigella Lawson

Author, barrister, jazz singer, saxophonist, therapist, typographer & printer


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Barb Jungr, London

when I grow up I want to be like

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