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People feel even more than before that the country is not being governed for them, but for a narrow segment of well-connected insiders who reap most of the gains and, when things go wrong, are not just shielded from less but impose massive costs on everybody else.

Martin Wolf
The Shifts and the Shocks: What we’ve learned – and have still to learn – from the financial crisis, 2014

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide bottle

In dilution, hydrogen peroxide (H2O4) is an effective and inexpensive disinfectant and seems to stimulate healing.

It also has an intriguing research history – and non-history. A speculative paper in The Lancet in the late 1980s mentioned a Nobel Prize awarded for research in the 1920s showing tumours in rats healed with H2O4 dropped on them.

The writer argued lipid peroxidation is a good candidate for the hypothesised ‘Destruct’ button in cells. (The body doesn’t repair damaged cells, it flushes and replaces them. So cells must have something that functions as a ‘Destruct’ button.) Perhaps H2O4 helps that and so catalyses the body’s immune response.

As best I recall, the author speculated the lack of research activity since might relate to the difficulty of making a profit out of so cheap a chemical.

We Aussies stay alert for skin cancers. So for 20 years I’ve dabbed H2O4 on anything that hangs around on my skin. So far they’ve all disappeared.

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